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Frederik Diness Ove
+45 53 53 10 87

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At least, posters are illustrated and designed by Heidi Alminde. The posters are without frame and are sold in different formats. The style is different and graphical and the nice drawings suit every taste. They can be hung up anywhere in the home – from the living room to the children’s room.


I love to draw fun illustrations, and I always go with a lot of ideas and thoughts
which I immediately outline on paper, then to compile them on computer.
I love graphic design, and also work with it daily. I enjoy sitting in front of the computer and draw, customize and fine-tune my illustrations. I draw everything from patterns and figures, for typography and personal drawings. In my webshop you will find many posters related to children. I myself have two little lovely children and they have given me a lot of inspiration for many of my drawings.